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EC50 Coin Counter and Sorter
  • EC50 硬币清分机
  • EC50 硬币清分机
  • EC50 硬币清分机

EC50 Coin Counter and Sorter

Key Features: 
1) High Quality & Low Price
2) Auto Sorting all Mix Coins
3) Counter & Sorter & Value
4) CE,3C,RoHS approved

Product Detail
EC50 Series Automatic Coin Sorter Features:
1) High quality and competitive price.
2) Auto sorting up to 8 denominations mix coins
3) Total value counting and all denomination counting.
4) Support more than 35 countries coin.

Ambient temperature: 0℃- 40℃
Ambient Humidity: 25%∼80%
Hopper capacity: 300∼500 units
Each receiving slot capacity: 80∼150 units
Batch preset number display: 3 Digits LED
Counting number display: 4 Digits LED
Power Source: AC220V/50HZ
Power Consumption: 45W (MAX)
Dimensions: 355mm×330mm×266mm
Net weight: 4.5KG
Counting speed: 216units/min

EC50 Series Packing Details:
Carton Dimensions: 37.5x37.5x32cm
N.W.: 4.5kg
G.W.: 6.5kg

Carton Dimensions: 78x40x34cm
N.W.: 9kg
G.W.: 12.5kg
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